3 comments on “Virtual Skeptics #101 – 9/3/2014

  1. On this episode, Tim says that Dragon Con is a fan-run nonprofit event while San Diego ComicCon is all about business. I thought you might be interested: in face Dragon Con is a for-profit event that has made several people very rich, while ComicCon is run by a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit company. So, um, not so much.

    • You are correct, I misspoke when I used the term “non-profit”. I was speaking more of the “feel” of the event – much more of ComicCon is large-room events that are commercial PR opportunities for TV shows and movies. DragonCon has a small amount of that, but really very little. The bulk of DragonCon programming is fan-run by volunteers in small rooms – 37 of these tracks in 2014. ComicCon’s parallel tracks of programming are less than half that. Many celebs fly in to ComicCon, do their bit, and leave. DragonCon tends not to book guests that do that, preferring guests who will be there all weekend, appear multiple times, and actually mingle with the fans.

      Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disparaging ComicCon. It is certainly a great event that people love. But my point is that it is a different style of event than DragonCon.

      • I agree with everything you wrote. Dragon Con did begin as a fan-run event. It’s just that, well, I volunteered for Mark Ditsler this year. I kind of felt like a sucker donating my time to make the owners a few bucks.

        Maybe it’s that I chair an all-volunteer convention. For-profit ones feel wrong to me.

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